The HABCO Story

Habco was founded over 35 years ago by Nabil Habaschy. In the beginning it was an exporter of wood – sawn timber for building and furniture industry. In the late seventies Habco started partnerships with the SIRO group and other major suppliers for the furniture industry,  to supply decorative and technical  accessories for furniture factories and hardware traders. Always concentrating on export markets such as egypt, other arabic countries and later on also Central Europe and East Europe.

Today the HABCO TEAM is exporting decorative furniture fittings to 30 countries world wide.

Since a couple of years we try to give back a bit – to those which where not so fortunate as we where! I like to see the results of our work at the end of the year not only in profit (money), but mainly in designs we could develope and realize – and good things we could do to people who need our help! We like to be inspired, and we love design. This is our obsession. Together with various designers worldwide  and our partners we plan, design and produce state of the art accessories for furniture. The beauty of this work comes in it’s ability to blend into your senses. In the pursuit of new design there is no end, nothing definitive. Everthing is in motion, rapidly changing and challenging its self.

It is this constant striving for what is beyond us that defines who we are.

Socially minded

HABCO Executive Team

Tarek Habaschy

Tarek Habaschy

General Manager

P +43 (4243) 2777-11
F +43 (4243) 2182

David Habaschy

David N. Habaschy

Marketing Assistant

P +43 (4243) 2777-13
F +43 (4243) 2182


Andreas Lipautz

Export Assistant

P +43 (4243) 2777-13
F +43 (4243) 2182


Lucia Mölzer

Export Assistant

P +43 (4243) 2777-13
F +43 (4243) 2182

How to find us

The HABCO Headoffice is located above the beautiful Lake Ossiach in Carinthia (Austria), just 10 km from the city of Villach.

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Our Partner

HABCO is cooperating with the SIRO Company Group, an international operating company which designs and produces furniture fittings for several markets.

Siro Austria

We are cooperating with Siro Austria in various markets, specially in Arabic countries.


Habco is the European sales office for SMD and coordinates also the sales for other export markets like the United States or South America.

Siro Wood

Siro Wood is a producer of MDF profiles wrapped with paper foil, pvc foil or veneer.

HABCO Agents

HABCO is cooperating with several partners all over the world. Please contact us to find out your closest Habco Agent! To contact our agents in Germany, Poland, Italy and the United States of America use the information below:


Mr. K.-D. Midding

Gewerbestrasse 20
32584 Löhne (Germany)

Phone: +49 (5731) 869660
Fax: +49 (5731) 8696666


Ms. Paola Boffi

Via Giusti 31
20030 Paina (Italy)

Phone: +39 (362) 335107
Fax: +39 (362) 335508


Mr. Waldemar Kleniewski

ul. Wernera 61/63
26-600 Radom (Poland)

Phone: +48 (48) 3312323
Fax: +48 (48) 3311300


Mr. Jürgen Sikora

5031 N. Hiatus Rd.
FL 3351 Sunrise (USA)

Phone: +1 (954) 7491155
Fax: +1 (954) 7492352

Our Showrooms

Explore our comprehensive assortement of all types of decorative furniture fittings in one of our permanent showrooms at Sattendorf (Austria), Ternberg (Austria) or Cairo (Egypt).

Sattendorf (Austria)

Ternberg (Austria)

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Cairo (Egypt)

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